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Speed Up Britain

By 12/10/2020Views

We’ve launched Speed Up Britain to quicken the pace of mobile mast rollout in the UK

By Mark Bartlett, Director of Estates and Infrastructure at Cellnex UK

These past months have shown just how much we rely on mobile connectivity… working from home, staying connected with loved ones in lockdown, even our amazing emergency services.

But the pace of the roll out of the mobile infrastructure we need to enjoy this connectivity has been too slow in recent years.  This has been caused by loopholes in the Electronic Communications Code, legislation which enables access for the siting and maintenance of infrastructure on public and private land.

That’s why we are part of an industry wide consortium which has launched a campaign to support our 4G and 5G network roll out.  Called Speed Up Britain, our campaign is calling on the Government to make specific, targeted changes to the Code which will allow everyone involved in delivering mobile infrastructure to collaborate effectively and make the process of rolling out upgrades of new technology and building new sites much more efficient.

We are collaborating with other major industry players in the tower space – Cornerstone, MBNL and Mobile UK. The campaign is chaired by former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Patricia Hewitt.

We believe that by applying some urgency and pace to closing these loopholes, we stand a strong chance of delivering the connectivity we need for the UK’s recovery and the Government’s ambitions for a world-class digitally connected Britain.

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