Increasing capacity at street level

Cellnex Hosted Location enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to enhance outdoor capacity and roll out 5G connectivity in built-up areas by placing Small Cells on street furniture – on CCTV columns, lamp posts, advertising hoardings, kiosks and more. This swift and simple alternative to building new towers or rooftop sites, delivers the coverage and capacity exactly where it is needed – at street level and with line of sight to mobile devices.

Built on our rights to use street assets for communications equipment, this managed deployment service eliminates the complexities of dealing with multiple parties, permitting, and traffic management. Which means your deployment can be operational in a matter of weeks – compared to the many months or years it typically takes to deploy a macro site.

As a neutral host, we provide access on equitable terms, in the most cost effective way. And, with a single point of contact in place, all operational sites are fully supported by our service desk.

The result is the smooth, efficient provision of the network you need, where you need it.

An assured and flexible solution from Cellnex

As the UK’s largest independent telecoms site partner, Cellnex has access to 200,000+ street furniture assets for Small Cells across 14 London Boroughs. These include lighting and CCTV columns, bus shelters and more. We also offer hundreds of kiosks nationwide. With new assets and locations becoming available all the time, it’s easy to flex your coverage and capacity as needed.

Hosted Location benefits

  • Managed access to street furniture
  • Choice of thousands of dedicated locations
  • Design and build of Small Cell installations
  • Operational service desk for first line response and site access
  • Optional backhaul spectrum at 28Ghz

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