The urban challenge

With the ever-growing demand for faster data speeds, on-the-move video streaming and instant access to the latest mobile applications, meeting user expectations in busy urban areas is a key challenge for MNOs. Network congestion and a lack of capacity in high-footfall locations impacts user experience and increases the risk of churn.

You know all this, of course. But addressing peaks in demand and targeting capacity where and when it’s most needed in these dense urban areas isn’t always straightforward. Tall or metalised glass buildings block or interfere with signals from macro cells, while planning restrictions and long lead times limit the deployment of these larger, rooftop sites.

Small Cells are the answer – providing a line of sight to mobile devices at busy street level.

Capacity and coverage where you need it most

By deploying Small Cells on street furniture – on lamp posts, CCTV columns and more – you have an opportunity to supplement your existing network to deliver uninterrupted mobile experiences in areas where current capacity struggles to meet high demand.

In places where it’s difficult for a macro to serve, putting in a Small Cell frees up capacity on the macro and improves its performance. But more than that, experience has shown that Small Cells capture new traffic too, enhancing the customer experience and growing your market.

Small Cells are also more flexible. They can be deployed exactly where they are needed and, because they use existing street assets, there are no additional planning delays – which accelerates deployment. A Small Cell deployment can be operational in a matter of weeks, compared to the many months or years it typically takes to deploy a macro site.

A swift and assured solution from Cellnex

As the UK’s largest independent telecoms infrastructure provider, Cellnex has access to 200,000+ street furniture assets for Small Cells across 14 London Boroughs. These include lamp posts, CCTV columns and more. We also offer hundreds of kiosks nationwide. With new assets and locations becoming available all the time, it’s easy to flex your coverage and capacity as needed. Plus, our neutral-host approach allows all our MNO partners to access the assets on equitable terms and in the most cost-efficient way.

See Small Cells in action across the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Read the case study

Design, deploy and manage

Extensive design expertise enables us to shape the solution that best meets your needs. Our experience of street deployments assures a swift and trouble-free installation – removing the complexity involved in dealing with multiple parties, permitting, and traffic management. And, with a single point of contact in place, all operational sites are fully supported by our service desk. The result is the smooth, efficient provision of the network you need, where you need it.

An experienced partner

Cellnex is the market leader in Small Cell infrastructure, with three out of four MNOs deployed on our assets. And, despite the relative immaturity of the market, our engineers have already completed hundreds of Small Cells projects across London. Together with our wide portfolio of assets, our unrivalled experience in telecommunications and connectivity, and our commitment to continual improvement, you can count on us to help address your coverage and capacity needs today and tomorrow.

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