Every day, hundreds of organisations across the UK count on us to extend their networks, connect their people and serve their communities – with Cellnex Site Share.

Connectivity that counts

Offering a swift, assured and cost-effective alternative to new tower builds, Site Share allows you to place your radio equipment on our managed structures and sites throughout the UK. It’s the very best option for emergency services, aerospace, transport and logistics, and communications providers – in fact, anyone looking to create lightning fast, private radio networks. There are no construction costs, planning issues or hassle. We manage everything for you and, as a neutral host, provide access on equitable terms.

Sites exactly where you need them

As the UK’s largest independent telecoms site provider, we offer access on a wide portfolio of assets including towers and masts, electricity pylons and a plethora of rooftops across the UK. We currently have 9,000 active sites, and a total of 21,000 available for sharing – many in locations where others struggle to acquire new sites or gain planning permission. All are owned or managed by Cellnex.

Going higher

Crucially, we offer a diversity of topography – in dense urban, suburban and rural locations – wherever you need it most. And, with an unrivalled selection of high sites above 50 metres, your coverage (and your investment) goes further.

Taking care of everything

With Site Share, you’re using infrastructure that’s already in place. We’ll take care of the landlord consents and planning approvals, the design and construction, the power and the ongoing maintenance. Plus, our round-the-clock customer service delivers peace of mind from start to finish.

So your costs are reduced, deployment time is slashed and you can focus on your core business.

With ready-to-use infrastructure, turnkey acquisition and build solutions, and proven processes, Site Share takes the pain away.

“Our professional team will guide you through everything, making it easy to locate and select sites to improve coverage or reach new areas based on our ready-to-use infrastructure.”

Mike Harrison, Senior Product Manager at Cellnex UK  

Assurance with Cellnex

Cellnex is a key piece of the telecoms jigsaw throughout Europe. Every day, as a UK Critical National Infrastructure Provider and the country’s leading independent telecoms site partner, emergency services organisations, telecoms operators and many others count on us to connect millions of people to the world. We have the scale, experience and services to create your network. And, through an open and honest approach to partnership, and unfailing commitment to continual improvement, you can rely on us to deliver.

Site Share benefits

  • Share rather than self-deploy model – increases speed of deployment and reduces costs
  • Easy to find new sites – well-established processes and tools means you can commence operations and manage performance earlier
  • Get sites you normally wouldn’t – in areas where planning permission is challenging
  • We make site acquisition quicker and easier – saves valuable time, no need to negotiate with landlords or agents – we have existing agreements in place
  • One-stop-shop – for consents, design, installation and handover
  • Your coverage can go further – high structures greater than 50m available
  • Available electricity supply – with power resilience options
  • Online site access control system – single process for managing whoever needs site access – operators, sub-contractors, etc.
  • Managed payment of local authority business rates

Get in touch

If you want to know more about Site Share for Business, contact our sales team today at Sales@cellnextelecom.co.uk

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