Meeting your network needs

As a UK Critical National Infrastructure Provider and the country’s leading independent telecoms site partner, we provide vital infrastructure to hundreds of organisations across the UK – including emergency services, the military, private businesses and all four UK Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). By offering access to the widest range of sites nationwide, you can deploy your equipment and expand your networks quickly, simply and cost-efficiently.

Today, we have 9,000 active sites across the UK, with a total of 21,000 available for sharing. Many of these are in locations where others struggle to acquire new sites or gain planning permission, and all are owned or managed by Cellnex.

Connectivity where it matters

We help in a number of ways. First and foremost, we provide core infrastructure to enable operators to configure macro and micro sites (external locations for signal distribution). These include our unrivalled selection of high masts (above 50 metres), towers and electricity pylons in rural areas, as well as lamp posts and rooftops in suburban and city centre locations.

In short, they’re exactly where you need them to be.

Making it simple

Having helped you choose the perfect locations for your radio equipment, we’ll support its deployment on our structures and sites with Cellnex Site Share. This fully managed service offers a swift, assured and cost effective alternative to new tower builds – whether you’re looking to create a private dedicated network or want to expand an existing network for your customers.

Taking care of everything

Working closely with all kinds of organisations across the telecoms ecosystem – including street furniture asset owners, local councils, landowners, designers, installers and MNOs – we’re a single point of management for everything. The foundations are already in place so you don’t need to start from scratch with things like site searches, acquisition and planning permissions. And, we’ve already taken care of the design and construction, the power connection and ongoing maintenance.

We can install your radio equipment, and manage site access when needed. And all works are governed by established programme management processes and robust operational procedures. Plus, our round-the-clock customer support delivers peace of mind from start to finish.

So you’re free to focus on delivering an outstanding experience for users.

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