Why Private Networks

Connecting assets, equipment, and people on a single private network is fast becoming the foundation of digitalisation and automation strategy for enterprises, including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, mining, transport hubs and more.

Private Networks address many of the pain points associated with both public cellular and WiFi networks. They offer dedicated coverage with capacity scaled to meet specific needs and location. Also secure, seamless and guaranteed voice and data coverage where and when needed to ensure continuity of business-critical operations, all with performance designed to meet your business requirements.

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Experience and innovation come together

Using the scale and experience of Cellnex UK, the UK’s largest independent telecoms infrastructure provider, and the innovation of Edzcom, a market-leading provider of Private Network solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cellnex, our 4G and 5G Private Network solutions provide an assured answer to the challenges of an Industry 4.0 world – enabling enterprises to connect their assets, data and workers reliably, consistently, securely and safely.

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Keeping workers safe

Private Networks play a crucial role in improving the safety of personnel and protecting their welfare. Workers can be ‘tracked’ via geolocation and onsite cameras to keep them out of harm’s way in busy locations, whilst in-vehicle cameras can ensure the driver’s health and safety. Guaranteed connectivity allows operations to be automated – removing people from hazardous environments entirely.

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Keeping operations going

A Private Network capable of delivering low-latency and high-speed connectivity across a large site, business complex or campus environment is essential if enterprises are to benefit from the operational and financial improvements of ‘always on’ communications and the opportunity to use AI and robotics to automate operations.

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Keeping data safe

It’s vitally important to see, manage and protect the ever-expanding volume of business-critical data. Private Networks provide maximum control, security and privacy by keeping data on-site and restricting outside access.

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Keeping you up-to-date

Our Performance Management and Data dashboard delivers real-time intelligence and analysis to give you complete visibility and control to optimise network performance and identify potential issues before they become problems.

The dashboard includes network usage and availability, active users on the network, predictive maintenance using sensor data, monitoring equipment and vehicles, and 360° situation awareness to increase safety and improve decision making.

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