Cellnex is bringing Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and site portfolio owners together to deliver new opportunities for both. MNOs get to enhance their networks with well-located sites, while portfolio owners can exploit their buildings to earn incremental revenues and improve connectivity for tenants and visitors.

With hundreds of site sharing customers across the length and breadth of the UK, Cellnex is the country’s leading independent telecoms site partner. We know what it takes to get it right and can turn the dead space of an urban rooftop into the perfect site for 5G equipment fast.

Our innovative approach to the Code environment enables a consensual relationship between all stakeholders, and makes it simple. There’s less hassle for portfolio partners. We proactively market your portfolio, engage directly with MNOs on your behalf, and manage everything so you don’t have to.

For MNOs, our experienced deployment teams expertly translate your requirements into sympathetic solutions. Then we manage the installation from start to finish. Plus, with our dedicated team, and web-based portal, you can through the admin and secure access to site whenever you need it.

Aligning the benefits

We’ve designed and refined our Portfolio Management approach so everyone wins. Our innovative design solution balances technical capability with the need to protect the building’s aesthetics, while providing the modularity necessary to make upgrading easy.

Standard processes and in-place commercials mean MNOs get on air quicker, while portfolio partners are freed from the burden of managing the relationships with multiple MNOs and their individual site demands. And we’re a neutral host, allowing sites to be shared by all MNOs on equitable terms, for a single annual fee. It’s something we do for all four of the UK’s MNOs, as well as hundreds of public and private customers across the country.

From initial application through installation to ongoing maintenance, Cellnex provides a full service – keeping you free to focus on your core business.

How we help

“Our MNO customers continue to need new sites, many of which will be in urban locations. Cellnex’s role as an infrastructure provider under the Code, makes us ideally placed to protect the interests of both MNOs and portfolio partners alike. Our innovative solution ensures we provide the best possible sites to simplify and drive 5G adoption. By engaging effectively with all stakeholders, we have developed a solution fit for today and tomorrow.”

Ali Williams, Head of Portfolio Management at Cellnex

For Portfolio Partners

  • A dedicated portfolio director to simplify the relationship
  • Proactive marketing of your site to optimise revenue generation
  • Commercial agreement with all MNOs so no need to negotiate with multiple parties
  • Collaborative approach to siting and design, backed up by community relations and planning specialists, to protect the appearance of buildings and relationships with neighbours
  • Routine maintenance regime, reporting and structural checks giving peace of mind

For MNOs

  • Sites ready to draw down and fast tracking site acquisition
  • Ability to support today’s equipment configurations and modularity to facilitate tomorrow’s
  • Available power – provided under agreement with portfolio partner – to speed up the deployment
  • Collaborative approach to siting and design, backed up by community relations and planning specialists, to ensure ‘first time’ planning approval
  • 24/7 access for faster fix in emergencies