More connectivity means better decisions
A Cellnex UK Private Network delivers capacity and coverage across mission-critical areas of operation and provides real-time feedback to improve operational decision-making and problem-solving.

Improved safety, privacy and security
Keeping personnel connected continuously, including video streaming by fixed or in-vehicle cameras, protects workers in hazardous areas. A Cellnex UK Private Network also allows port authorities to access, manage and protect an ever-expanding volume of data.

Create more revenue streams
A Cellnex UK solution means port operators can use the network capacity to become micro-operators – inviting port partners into a secure Private Network ecosystem and charging for the services.

More control and analysis
A Cellnex UK Private Network Platform will:

  • Assess the performance of assets
    Utilise sensor data to assess the performance of cranes or other assets.
  • (Semi) Autonomous shipping
    Connecting CCTV and sensors, then enabling real-time data transmission for autonomous navigation.
  • Controlling assets remotely
    Offer seamless data connectivity for self-driving cranes, trucks, buses and cars.
  • Optimising logistics
    Analyse the needs of cargo inflows, improving security and logistics.
  • Assessing insurance responsibility
    Determine the status and state of incoming containers with video surveillance in the cranes​.
  • Enabling assisted maintenance
    Enable Augmented Reality for assisted maintenance​.

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