Cellnex UK, the first choice for partners

As the country’s largest independent telecoms provider, we play a critical role in helping MNOs and many hundreds of public and private customers stay connected. Our national tower network, extensive service portfolio and unmatched site owner relationships make us the first choice for partners looking to plan, deploy and manage public and private wireless solutions anywhere in the UK.

Cellnex UK Indoor Connectivity

A Cellnex UK Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is the best way to provide indoor connectivity, bringing 4G and 5G into buildings and spaces with insufficient capacity or no coverage.

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Cellnex UK Site Share

Need to accelerate network deployment? Over 21,000 sites and locations, including towers, masts, pylons and rooftops, are available for sharing – a swift and cost-effective way for MNOs, the emergency services and internet service providers (ISPs) looking to accelerate 5G roll out, create a private dedicated network or expand an existing network.

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Cellnex UK Small Cells

Looking to deliver extra connectivity to urban areas? By deploying Small Cells on street furniture – on lamp posts, CCTV columns and more – clients can supplement existing networks and deliver uninterrupted mobile experiences in areas where current capacity struggles to meet high demand.

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Need a brand-new site?

Need 4G/5G mobile coverage where no site exists? Cellnex UK can provide the investment and expertise to serve those areas where previously a business case may not have stacked up. We work in partnership with local stakeholders to maximise the chance of success.

We also offer a complete end-to-end solution including initial search, design, construction, and installation of your equipment, plus maintenance of the site and landlord relationship thereafter.

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