The changing role of Public Authorities

Public Authorities, County and Regional Councils have long had responsibility for the provision of services to benefit residents and businesses. But increasing proactivity driven by digital strategies will help bring superior quality connectivity to meet the high expectations of residents, encourage investment, job creation and provide attractive places for people to live.

Connectivity for all

Within Public Authority jurisdictions, connectivity can be a postcode lottery with some areas in towns benefitting more than others. Urban locations are often prioritised over more rural communities. Business parks and residential areas often have different expectations and requirements of connectivity. Cellnex UK has a comprehensive range of solutions that can help provide a high-performance level of connectivity for all.

For a connected society

Cellnex UK supports and is helping to achieve a truly connected society where smart communication networks and real-time intelligence are used to improve the management of both urban and rural environments.

With critical communications requiring security and ‘always on’ connectivity – particularly in emergency situations – Cellnex UK offers 24×7 network monitoring and maintenance and the confidence of partnering with a UK Critical National Infrastructure provider.

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For Public Authority workers

A Cellnex UK Private Network will deliver consistent ‘always on’ connectivity across public buildings, part-owner/operator facilities and campus environments. Users can make calls, read and respond to messages, download and upload, access data and workloads quickly and securely. Public Authorities can also be reassured that their workers are kept safe, their operations are uninterrupted and personal data about or supplied by residents is secure.

A Cellnex UK Indoor Connectivity solution will ensure that mobile coverage and capacity can also reach areas within buildings where connectivity is either inadequate or compromised.

Private NetworksIndoor Connectivity

For residents

Cellnex UK has an enviable reputation for working with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and local planners to deliver wireless coverage and capacity with the lowest cost and environmental impact. This relationship is particularly important for rural communities. Our Site Share service means MNOs can accelerate and improve their coverage quickly and cost-effectively. A Cellnex UK Small Cells solution will also help MNOs take advantage of existing infrastructure such as lampposts to boost coverage and provide additional capacity in busy urban areas.

Site ShareSmall Cells

For businesses

Public Authorities are increasingly aware of the prospect of attracting business and investment into their jurisdictions to help create jobs and benefit from developer financial contributions (Section106 funding) to fund community and social infrastructure. The provision of seamless, consistent, high-performance connectivity in and around business parks, enterprise zones and on the high street is central to this thinking.

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For the environment

At Cellnex UK we’re always conscious of our responsibilities to the environment whether it is our target of 40 percent of the group’s energy consumption being green in 2021, rising to 100 per cent in 2025 or reducing the visual impact of our infrastructure. We also have an ambitious approach to ESG, our Environmental, Social and Governance policy.

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For raising revenues

With increasing demands for mobile data, new coverage obligations and 5G deployments gathering pace, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have an urgent need for new sites. Public Authorities can capitalise on these demands and generate incremental revenues from their rooftops with Cellnex UK’s Portfolio Management.

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