Getting it right first time

Cellnex UK engages with developers, site owners, architects and consultants to determine the optimum solution from the very outset – dimensioned to cover the entire site through the various construction phases, up until first occupancy and beyond.

Getting connectivity right first time will mean site owners and landlords can market their buildings as ‘connectivity-ready’, and avoid the high costs and disruption of retro-fitting a suitable solution.

Under construction

Cellnex provides the public/private network connectivity options to keep sites and people connected – in site offices, for example, or underground facilities. As the development evolves, so can our solutions scale to meet your demands.

On completion

Developers and site owners can be confident that the solution installed will ensure the property is fully connected to meet the high expectations and future requirements of occupants and the specific needs of business tenants alike.

Flexible commercials, delivery and operational support

Cellnex UK offers a range of commercial models for site and building owners – some requiring no capital investment. Contact us for more information.

We also offer a complete end-to-end solution from design and installation, to operation and system maintenance.

Cellnex UK’s value proposition for Indoor Connectivity solutions.

Increased cellular connectivity
Open connectivity in areas of buildings and sites with no, poor or compromised coverage.

Superior user experiences
Workers, visitors, patrons, guests, delegates, or passengers can make calls, view and respond to emails and messages, and browse the internet anywhere – including basements.

Brand advantage and customer loyalty
Cellular connectivity is a critical component in creating a reliable, safe and pleasurable environment for work, travel and entertainment.

Enabling smarter buildings
Integrate a Cellnex UK Distributed Antenna System from the very beginning or as a high priority in a venue refurbishment. Future-proof a venue by making DAS compatible with new technologies as they emerge.

Future revenue streams
Providers of ambient media will require first-class indoor connectivity for customers to interact with their promotions, for example. In-house promotions also offer a chance to generate additional revenue and build brand loyalty.

Attracting and retaining higher-value tenants
Some companies, venues and retailers have specific connectivity requirements to serve their staff, patrons and customers in the best way.

Cellnex and Mobile Network Operators
Our relationships with the Mobile Network Operators mean we can have the right conversations on our customer’s behalf. We’re also best placed to get all of the MNOs on-board and on-site.

A safe pair of hands
We have it covered: from 60,000-seater stadiums, international airport hubs, subway transit systems, healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, to shopping and commercial centres.

Private Network use cases in the construction environment

Managing emergencies
Keeping personnel connected continuously and enabling video streaming for emergency vehicles and ‘person-down’ situations.

Keeping track of people
Geolocation sensors and site cameras keep construction workers and visitors away from dangerous locations and environments.

Improving worker safety
Removing people from hazardous areas or tasks by automating remote control operations from safe areas.

360° situational awareness
Cameras connected to a Private Network will monitor the site: tracking and controlling people, vehicles and heavy machinery in real-time and monitoring the perimeter for security. Video analytics will help enterprises to understand how their site works: traffic flows for example, face recognition, even the distance between people.

Monitoring worker health
Cameras allows for the monitoring of personal health devices for continual ‘health checks’ of workers in hazardous or high-stress environments – for example recording heart rate or body temperature.

Environmental health
The ability to monitor and then optimise energy consumption is just one of the ways developers can meet their commitments to a sustainable future.

Preventive maintenance
Advanced data and video analytics help to minimise service costs and increase asset life.

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