Meeting your expectations

A Cellnex Indoor Connectivity solution means property owners can be confident that their buildings will meet the high expectations and often particular connectivity requirements of their occupants and visitors.

Laying the foundations

Many modern buildings block or interfere with cellular signals from conventional base stations and compromise the connectivity experience for residents and business tenants. Cellnex will work with all the relevant professional parties in the design, planning, construction and fit-out processes to ensure your building gets the coverage and capacity needed.

Designed for your location

A Cellnex Indoor Connectivity Solution can be scaled to suit any size of commercial building or office – stadium to skyscraper, from office building to conference centre.

We also offer a complete end-to-end solution from design and installation, to operations and site maintenance.

A safe pair of hands

Cellnex is a neutral host dedicated to helping commercial and office building site owners find the optimal solutions by removing the complexities involved in dealing with multiple parties, including the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Maximise the potential value of rooftops

The ever-increasing demands for mobile data, new coverage obligations, emerging networks, smart metering and 5G technology, are all driving demand for additional rooftop sites – particularly in urban areas. Cellnex can help site owners unlock the potential value of their rooftops.

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