Delivering improved privacy and security
Access, manage and protect the ever-expanding volume of data.

Increasing wireless connectivity
Connects areas of buildings and sites with poor, compromised or no coverage.

Enabling digital twin
Improving decision-making and problem-solving with real-time information.

Assessing performance of assets
Utilising sensor data to assess the performance of cranes or other assets.

(Semi) Autonomous shipping
Bringing situational awareness with videos and sensors and enabling real-time data transmission for autonomous navigation.

Becoming a micro-operator
Offering network slices to partners network and building a partner-connectivity ecosystem.

Controlling assets remotely
Seamless data connectivity for self-driving cranes, trucks, buses and cars.

Optimising logistics
Analysing the needs of cargo inflows, improving security and logistics.

Assessing insurance responsibility
Determining the status and state of incoming containers with video surveillance in the cranes​.

Improving safety
Keeping personnel connected continuously and enabling video streaming for emergency vehicles.

Enabling assisted maintenance
Enabling Augmented Reality for assisted maintenance​.

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