Increasing cellular connectivity

For the benefit of all users: health authorities, managers, patients and healthcare professionals, across the entire site including areas where wireless coverage or capacity is either missing or insufficient.

Keeping sensitive data secure

With data increasingly going digital, both patients and their healthcare professionals can be reassured that private information is safe and secure.

Managing your rooftop

Unlock the potential value of unused rooftops, whilst improving mobile coverage across your campus.

Towards the smart hospital

1. In building wireless connectivity

  • Availability of all mobile networks across the entire site.
  • Users can access records and medical apps.
  • Enhanced patient and visitor experience.
  • Enables augmented and virtual reality training and guidance for healthcare professionals.
  • Simplifies resource and workflow planning for hospital managers.

2. Enhanced user experiences and enabling smart building management

  • Wireless services connecting people with data via devices, sensors and valuable medical assets.
  • Object tracking. Know where medical equipment is located to increase efficiency and minimise theft.
  • Facilities management to control hospital environments – ambient temperature, lighting, waste management and parking.

3. Designated care networks, to power…

  • Life-saving and critical medical apps and devices.
  • Robotic surgery – on, across or off campus.
  • Augmented reality, automated diagnosis and medication.
  • Critical care notifications over mobile devices.
  • Real-time planning data for health professionals and managers.

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