Empowering today’s digital natives

Education is evolving. Today’s digital native students are increasingly online – in classrooms, lecture theatres and at home. The ability of teachers to teach and learners to learn is increasingly predicated on being safely and securely connected. From multi- academy trusts to universities, institutions are increasingly turning to Cellnex UK to navigate this fast-changing world.

Supporting a changing landscape

The growing trend towards online learning on campus means universities and colleges need to look towards ultra-fast, reliable connectivity to help them deliver more flexible and hybrid learning, living and lifestyle experiences. Services provided by connectivity will also play an important role when competing for new students.

Meeting the emotional needs of students

Connectivity plays an important role in wellbeing. Our global student community, from the UK and overseas, rely on their ability to connect with friends and family online – particularly in these uncertain times. Many will have experienced learning in lockdown and be reassured that connectivity will give them access to pastoral and support services as and when they need them.

Indoor connectivity

A Cellnex Distributed Antenna System (DAS) tackles the issues of poor coverage and capacity in buildings and spaces around campus – providing the signal close to where students, teachers, lecturers and support staff need them most.

Indoor Connectivity

High-performance Private Networks

A Cellnex UK Private Network will provide, among other things, ‘always on’ 4G and 5G connectivity to university labs for example, helping the tech and innovation teams maximise the potential of their lab-based trials and testbeds.

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Managing your rooftop

Cellnex UK can help academies, universities and colleges unlock the potential value of unused rooftops while improving mobile coverage across the campus.

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