Meeting expectations for Indoor Connectivity

When it comes to everyday connectivity, everyone’s expectations are high. We all expect to make calls, read messages, upload and download wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. The lack of reliable cellular connectivity in business, public or entertainment spaces is a big deal that impacts reputations and can have very real business and operational implications.

80% of all mobile traffic originates or terminates indoors.

What is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)?

DAS is the best way to bring consistent 4G and 5G public cellular signals into areas of buildings with no, inadequate or compromised coverage. It involves delivering indoor connectivity by placing antennas close to where the user needs them most.

First-class user experiences

Making it possible for people to make calls, see emails or browse the internet without fear of a poor or dropped signal is critical for site owners wishing to create welcoming experiences for workers, visitors and patrons alike. And, of course, a great experience drives loyalty and repeat business – helping to generate future revenue streams.

Closing the capacity and coverage gap

Cellnex offers solutions for spaces of all sizes, where coverage or capacity is either missing, or insufficient. This means that whilst DAS can meet the connectivity requirements of a large sports stadium or airport for example, it can also be an effective solution for hotels, offices, and other workplaces.

Importantly, the system can scale up as and when requirements change – an increase in footfall, a period of business expansion, an extension to the site footprint, or to meet the specific needs of a particular tenant.

Enabling smarter buildings

Modern building materials such as concrete, steel and metalised glass can block or interfere with cellular signals from conventional base stations and so compromise Indoor Connectivity for residents, tenants, or visitors.

Cellnex UK believes every new or refurbished building should make indoor connectivity a priority consideration. We can consult with all relevant professional parties in the design, planning, construction and fit out processes to ensure your space gets the coverage and capacity it needs.

Recent world events have shown us that the need for IT solutions that can rapidly upgrade to meet future technologies is important. Where indoor connectivity is concerned, a Cellnex UK solution will meet those objectives.

Mike Harrison, Head of Products and Solutions, Cellnex UK

Flexible commercials and operational support

Cellnex UK offers a range of commercial models for site and building owners – some requiring no capital investment. Contact us for more information.

We also offer a complete end-to-end solution from design and installation, set-up, operation and system maintenance (preventative and reactive), and quality control.

Our processes get results

We tailor your indoor connectivity solution to meet your specific business requirements, using our in-house experts and tried and tested processes.

Making it easier with a single partner

Cellnex UK is a neutral host dedicated to helping site and building owners find the optimal solutions to meet their requirements by removing the complexities involved in dealing with multiple stakeholders. We’ll engage with the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to ensure they provide the best possible service to the site.

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