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Cellnex in the face of the coronavirus crisis

By 10 June 2020June 24th, 2020News

In the face of the unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Cellnex Telecom, as a telecommunications infrastructures operator for radio and TV (DTT), voice and data, and communication networks for security forces (police and fire brigade) and emergencies (medical and maritime rescue), has deployed its contingency and business continuity plans in the eight European countries in which it operates from the outset.

Our goal is to preserve the security and availability of the services we provide 24×7 while ensuring the application of the strictest protection measures for our employees, minimising all control, maintenance or intervention operations on the ground due to network incidents, the risks of contagion and the spread of the disease.

Thanks to the redundancy of our systems and the possibility to manage them remotely, Cellnex teams in all countries are working as normally as possible in these exceptional circumstances, guaranteeing the provision of services to our customers, working together with them to guarantee connectivity, which is more necessary than ever in these circumstances.

Likewise, the company is keeping lines of cooperation open with various organisations at national and international level, including the Red Cross, UNICEF, Save the Children and Protezione Civile, to help fund the purchase of protection material for healthcare staff as well as providing resources for the most vulnerable groups. The company is also working hand in hand with various hospitals and on a technological project to develop, produce and provide a mechanical ventilation system for ICUs.

The Covid-19 experience first-hand.

Cellnex professionals from all over Europe tell us how their countries and teams have approached the situation caused by Covid-19, sharing their reflections on the world of telecommunications, the challenges to come and the lessons learned during this extraordinary situation.

We invite you to discover it through this interactive map by clicking on the yellow dots.


A consortium of European hospitals led by Clínic‑IDIBAPS is launching a cellular immunotherapy project to tackle COVID-19 with the support of Cellnex Telecom

  • The objective is to measure the immune system’s cellular response capacity to SARS‑CoV‑2, and to detect and obtain T cells that can act to control COVID-19.
  • Cellnex will provide the necessary resources, estimated at 5 million euros, over the project’s expected duration of two years.
  • The project will be developed by a European consortium of hospitals led by Clínic-IDIBAPS and the Blood and Tissue Bank (Banc de Sang i Teixits). IISGM-Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón, IRST-IRCCS in Meldola, INSERM-U1183 in Montpellier and IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan are also participating in the consortium.