Growing together

Here at Cellnex we share a common purpose: to transform lives by enabling people to connect to the world.

We believe we can only achieve this by listening, by fostering an open and honest culture of engagement, and by connecting
with stakeholders across the industry – from government and regulators to suppliers, customers and portfolio partners.

Only then can we truly understand the needs of all our community, and work together to target our services and
innovations to address the challenges, embrace the opportunities and grow together in today’s fast-evolving world.

We share the same values

At Cellnex we are a multicultural and committed team with one purpose:
to foster progress and knowledge, enabling connectivity between people and their environment.

We like innovative people with a universal vision who can help us evolve and give value to our customers, so that we keep leading our future.

We connect people.


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We are a multidisciplinary team of more than 1600 professionals who believe in the value people and the important of commitment and sense of belonging.


At Cellnex we develop and strengthen our people’s talent, by fostering training and learning leverage that generate greater contribution and commitment to the Organisation.

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