Connecting the UK every day

Millions of people across the UK count on Cellnex to stay connected every day. From high masts in remote areas, a nationwide network of towers and pylons, to rooftops and lamp posts in the busiest cities, our telecoms sites and services deliver coverage and capacity exactly where it’s needed.

Cellnex is a UK National Infrastructure Provider and the country’s largest independent telecoms infrastructure partner. We own or control c.9000 active sites, and have access to hundreds of thousands of street level assets essential to outdoor Small Cells and 5G deployments in dense urban areas.

With demand for ultra-fast connectivity growing, we are the partner of choice for emergency services organisations, hundreds of private businesses and all four UK Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

The UK market

The UK has a total of 46,000 sites, around 21% of which are run by independent operators such as Cellnex UK, and by two joint ventures – MBNL (comprising Three and EE) and CTIL (Vodafone and O2).

The data traffic segment is growing fast, just as it is right across Europe. Year-on-year growth of 49% is estimated up to 2020, in comparison to the stability in the voice services sector. The country has very broad 3G coverage while LTE technologies (e.g. 4G) still have some way to go. Operators have begun to roll out small cells, the antenna arrays which in future should ensure the quality of mobile broadband in line with increased data consumption. Also in the UK, as in all other European countries, these roll-outs are a growth vector for infrastructure operators.